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Clouds Over The Makati City Hall (Time Lapse)

I was hoping the color of light would change dramatically but it didnt. However, subtle movement (cars, clouds) can be noticed if you look closely. :)

A Time Lapse Experiment

I’ve had my camera, a D300, for years now and it has this feature to shoot photos at pre-defined intervals. I’m practically hitting myself in the head for not trying this early on, but it’s never too late to give it a shot. So here’s my initial attempt at Time Lapse Photography. Camera was mounted on […]


Black & White Film Processing At Home

With all the resources out there, this should quickly get you into film processing quickly. This is meant as a beginner’s How-To in developing/processing your Black and White film without the need of a darkroom. But, it should, by no means be considered as a one-top-shop for the topic. If you want to advance further or get more technical, tons of resources are available out there for googling.

Slowing Down and Reuniting with Film

One Way

In this day and age of digital cameras and warp-speed workflows, why would anyone want to go film? That’s a question that has been asked of me these past few weeks. I don’t know, maybe because after a stressful year at work and the associated warp-speed timelines,  I really DO want to SLOW down and […]


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Do You Really Need A Smartphone?

Sometimes I just don’t get it with people’s obsession with the latest electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, etc) when the one they’re holding is a perfectly useful one. Your smartphone, for one, is now more than just a phone and the things that you can do with it and what your phone can “become” will surprise […]

Why Go iOS-Only As A Developer

When friends and colleagues learned I was going to focus more on iOS development, they quickly asked whether I was going to do Android as well. The quick answer to that was a clear No simply because I don’t have the resources to allocate on a platform where my chances of making a sale as […]


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Goodbye Useless Books

Through the years, I’ve accumulated a good amount of books about photography, design, typography, business, legal, and, of course, several technical books. I’ve also had some Mario Puzo and Star Trek novels, maps, travel guides and other stuff. As you can see my taste in reading material is quite varied. I’ve read them at least […]

Would You Be Your Own Customer?

We’ve seen this scene many times. A company makes a product or does a service and sells it to a customer for bucks, moving on to the next customer, and forgetting about the last. Who cares whether our customers are happy? Who cares as long as we’ve made a sale right? Sadly, this is a […]